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              in Manitoba, Canada
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Active Adult Play - Improving children’s health and behavior while having fun by Bryan Nelson & Gregory Uba

Reducing Aggression with Touch
by Frances Carlson & Bryan Nelson

Framework for Anti-Bias Teaching

Teaching Tolerance - Southern Poverty Law Center
List of Games

Alligator on a log
There once was an alligator sitting on a log,
Down in the pool he saw a little frog.
In jumped the alligator, and around went the log.
Splash went the water, and away swam the frog.

Slow Snail & Little Mouse
Slowly, slowly, very slowly creeps the little snail.
Slowly, slowly, very slowly up the garden trail.
Quickly, quickly, very quickly runs the little mouse.
Quickly, quickly, very quickly all around the house.

Knock, Knock Jokes

Body Project

What Barbie Would Look Like If She Resembled an Actual Woman

GI Joe vs. the Average Joe

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Staying Fit

Exercise As Effective As Medicine

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- ChildCareExchange

Michelle Obama's Let's Move!

ABC Fitness Program - Activity bursts in your classroom

Fathers would be more involved if there were more male staff - A sector analysis report

Father Facts

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