B G Nelson


Bryan G. Nelson has worked with young children, men, fathers and families since the 1980s.
He is founding director of MenTeach.org and serves as faculty at Metropolitan State University in Minnesota.
He is also a co-facilitator of the World Forum’s Men in Early Childhood Education program.


Bryan has appeared on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, ABC Good Morning America, BBC, Today Show,
CNN, NBC Nightly News, TV3 New Zealand, PBS - A Place of Our Own and is quoted in print and online national media.
He has written extensively and often presents about men in the lives of children both nationally and internationally.
He has received various awards including a Leadership Fellowship to attend graduate school at
Harvard University to research men, fathers and children.

You can reach him by calling (612) 724-3430

or e-mailing BGNelson(at)MenTeach.org


Video & Radio Interviews


Bryan Nelson standing on top of a mountain in Peru.

Link to MenTeach.org

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Podcast about history of MenTeach

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Interview with Keen Readers.

Palm, G., Hennon, C., & Nelson, B. (2015).
Fathering, Schools, and Schooling: What Fathers Contribute and Why It Is Important.
In Home and School Relations: Teachers and Parents Working Together, (5th Edition). London, UK. Pearson. (To be re-published 2016)

Nelson, Bryan G. (2012) Männer in der Elementarpädagogik in Nordamerika.
In Männer in Kitas. Koordinationsstelle „Männer in Kitas“ (Hrsg.).
Germany: Seiten.

Men in Teaching: Gender Equality through the Promise of Gender Balance - Young Children (September 2011)

Men and Teaching: Good Intentions and Productive Tensions - Journal of Men's Studies (Spring 2011)

Alumni Interview - Metropolitan State University BUZZ (Fall 2010)

Men in Your Teacher Preparation Program: Five Strategies to Recruit and Retain Them - Young Children (May 2010)

Forward - Perspectives on Gender in Early Childhood

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